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Who is Céléste ?

Who is Céleste Mogador ?

Pascale Nivet Bernetiere was born in Carhaix, at the heart of the Western French region called Brittany. She now works and lives in Rennes, still in Brittany. She starts her artist life under the name of Mademoiselle Héloïse.

With her husband, Fabrice Bernetiere, they found their company of stationery goods and interior design ornaments “La Marelle” in 2004. In 2014, they launch “Eté 36”, a brand of prêt-à-porter, stationery goods and accessories.

The brand Céleste Mogador was created in 2016. Pascale is the artistic director of the creations: jewelries, accessories and decoration ornaments. She hand-embroiders the unique jewelry pieces, and she manages the social networks herself, with her original and irreverent speech.

Fabrice is the administrator: he manages sales, logistics, and the company’s website. Together, they exhibit their work at international fairs to meet the customers and the retailers.

Who really  is Céleste Mogador ?

Céleste Mogador was Élisabeth-Céleste Vénard’s pseudonym. She was a famous French Cancan dancer form the 19th century. She was born in Paris on the 27thof December, 1824.

At first courtesan, she starts her dancer career at the « Cirque-Olympique », Parisian performance place. She met with success as a dancer-hostess at one of this time most prestigious Parisian theatre: “Le Bal Mabille”. She took part in the success of La Goulue, another famous French Cancan dancer.

Céleste even became a countess by marrying the Count Lionel Moreton de Chabrillan !

She wrote plays and her memories. They both lived in Australia where the Count worked for a couple of years, and then died in 1858, while Céleste was in France. She passed away in Paris on February, the 17th of 1909.

This spectacular and eccentric figure, as well as Céleste Mogador’s name seduced Pascal Nivet Bernetiere.

Embroidering until self-forgetfulness

Pascale likes to tinker with materials: she learned to embroider by her own, empirically. It is all about perseverance and learning: “everything I create comes from mistakes” she confides. Pascale likes to feel the needle entering in the tissue. She embroiders, unties, start again and improves constantly.

“We weren’t born embroiderer nor artist, you need to work. Everything begins with desire. When you want something, you succeed. The future is in manual and creative jobs. Machines will substitute humans but we’ll always need a creative and eccentric mind. I’m a compulsive creator, I became an artist because It’s self-evident and It saves me: embroidery is my manual anxiolytic”. She works during hours, sometimes embroidering until self-forgetfulness.

From traditional embroidery to « rock » creations

Pascale Nivet Bernetiere work is really far from a cold and minimalist style. Colors, materials, designs…her creative universe is filled with oneiric and gourmand symbols.

The glowing colors she is using reminisce traditional Breton embroideries, such as Glazig and Bigouden ones, made by her ancestors.

Pascal likes to mix styles, she is inspired by colored pieces: clothes ornaments of Samis and Incas people, Chinese masks…so many childhood memories nourished by traditional art festivals, shows and books.

Her mother Marie-Louise used to collect the “100 idées” magazines during the 70s/80s: she kept the patterns to make her own clothes. Pascale kept in mind these embroidery memories to feed her own creations. Later, she imagined herself as a rock star, a crazy nob, a “Loulou de la Falaise” character: “The older I get, the cockiness I am” she chants.

Pascale’s universe is definitely rock, feed by Anglo-Saxon pop rock music: The Sex Pistols, Joy Division, The Verve, The Cure… and also by British Fashion Designer such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

The creator wishes to get out from the idealized images of Brittany. She wants to show something else: “my embroideries are a return to the roots of the tradition, but in a rock’n’roll way”, far from the seagull and bigouden clichés.

For her “Eté 36” brand, she restyled the traditional kabig (the Breton duffle-coat) by embroidering women divers on the back.

Céleste Mogador today

Céleste Mogador is a jewelry, accessories, ornament objects brand.

The artist creates necklaces, brooches and bags. Ornament objects category is made of cushions, plaids and cement tiles.

The creations are colorful, with fine hand-embroidered details. Jewelries are like lucky charm or talisman symbols: luck and love are constant themes. So is anatomy: mouth, hands, and the famous Celestial Eye. Anyone can see Its own interpretation and seize Its jewelry.

Nature is also significant in Céleste’s work: flowers, vegetables, insects… the 2018 Spring/Summer collection is blooming!

Collections will grow following the creator inspiration and the customers’ demand. Pascale Nivet Bernetiere shows her artisan savoir-faire by hand-embroidering unique pieces that are finest detailed jewelry.

Complementary with other artists’ work often leads to co-creation and collaborations. Céleste let her fingerprint on enamel vases, on domino paper…have a glance at Céleste’s collaborations by clicking here.

Pascale also dreams about a collaboration with Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of the Italian Maison Gucci. She is inspired by his graphic imaginary. Other creators inspire her: she likes Maison Margiela and Martin Margiela’s universe, and the surrealistic style of Maison Schiaparelli.

Even if French people like Céleste Mogador’s work, the number one customers are on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean: Americans are fond of the French jewelries and accessories. Céleste’s items are sold worldwide. The e-business website and the Instagram profile are the brand’s main stores. Many shops are also selling the jewelries and accessories abroad. You can find the retailers’ list on the location store page.

Do not forget to follow Céleste Mogador’s Instagram profile to keep up with the last news!